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Winter Open House Craft and Gift Show

Winter Open House Poster

It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking gifts, what to give, what to make and how can I get the family all together to get a picture for the Christmas card while the baby is actually awake and the others are not connected to some sort of techie gadget (okay maybe not everyone is thinking that last one!).

I am super excited to be taking part in a two day craft show at the beginning of December and hope to see you there.  I’ll have capes (including some letter ones) wings, mer-tails and perhaps some other costumes (we’ll see what the baby gives me time to create!).

Winter Open House Poster

Hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holiday season.




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Imagination Activation- play dress up everyday!

I have to say knowing that my children have such active imaginations and truly believe in the magic of childhood is something that I am most proud of as a parent.  It is actually something that I believe in so strongly, I make eco-friendly dress up clothes.   I do not make full costumes, just integral pieces to enhance the child’s imagination situation!  And believe me there is a difference…children do not need much to be transport to the land of make believe, a cape, set of wings or even just a wand can help the process become more real for a child.

That is why I am so excited about the latest issue of EcoParent magazine (subscribers have their copy already, for others it goes on sale May 12th at over 1000 newsstands nationwide!)

ecoparent magazine cover summer2014

Now I am not really a dress up sort of person, but boy my imagination can run wild! Having children has taught me more and more about how important everyday dress up is for children (of all ages, trust me they should not grow out of this stage people!)  The current EcoParent magazine talks all about the importance of play, about imagination and even has a super easy tutorial on making a tent for your child and of course everyday dress up…

EcoParent Magazine

Now if you are not familiar with EcoParent magazine (and you most definitely should be!) you can check out their Website, Facebook and Twitter and of course please do not forget to grab a copy of the summer issue!

If you are looking for some everyday dress up pieces you can check out my Etsy shop and my new HyenaCart shop.  If you are in the GTA area you can pop into Kid Culture and check out the items in person.  What makes these dress up items eco-friendly well take for example creating capes from “used” t-shirts, this saves textile waste from the landfill. Textile waste represents 5% of the volume of landfills in Ontario. It is thought that 100% cotton will biodegrade over time, other fabrics can take 100 years to break down. It is more fun to up-cycle a t-shirt into its true personally of a cape, thus my business really is saving the earth one cape at a time.

How are you encouraging your child’s imagination these days?





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Wise Daughters and Ladeebee Supplies host Worldwide Knit in Public Event

There is going to be a flagrant display of public knitting happening in the Junction on June 9th, 2013.

Wise Daughters

Join us as we knit with hundreds of other knitters around the world on the same day! 

Where:   Wise Daughters Craft Market/LadeeBee Supplies,

3079B Dundas St. West facing Quebec Ave in the Junction

When:    12 – 5 pm

Bring:     Whatever you’re knitting 

Enjoy:    Free refreshments sponsored by The Good Neighbour and Sweet Trolley Bakery, great giveaways! 

Wise Daughters and LadeeBee Supplies hosting an afternoon filled with knitting, giveaways and treats, yes please!  Make sure to set a reminder for yourself here.  Check out if there is a Worldwide Knit in Public event in your neighbourhood here.

Happy Knitting,




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You can reuse that?

Anyone who follows this blog knows I love Etsy.  I am always amazed by the talented artists who sell on there and the ideas behind those items.  The below treasury is just such a case.  It showcases a few of the reusable items you can buy on Etsy.  Items that by using, you would create a huge green impact.  A search for reusable items on Etsy comes up with lots and lots of ideas, these are just a few that happen to be from Canadian sellers.

So what is your favourite reusable item?


‘Reusable Canadian’ by playmemamacrafts

A sampling of reusable products to help curb waste at your house!

Bulk / produce rip…


Unpaper towels, eco…


8″ Organic Hem…


Wool Dryer Balls. F…


COTTON Linen Bread …


Waterproof Organic …


SALE Screen printed…


Reusable Paper Towe…


Organic cotton hemp…


Set of 6 Handkerchi…


Reusable Flannel Pa…


Organic Napkins, Ta…


Black Sheep Market …


SALE For the first …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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