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Imagination Activation- play dress up everyday!

I have to say knowing that my children have such active imaginations and truly believe in the magic of childhood is something that I am most proud of as a parent.  It is actually something that I believe in so strongly, I make eco-friendly dress up clothes.   I do not make full costumes, just integral pieces to enhance the child’s imagination situation!  And believe me there is a difference…children do not need much to be transport to the land of make believe, a cape, set of wings or even just a wand can help the process become more real for a child.

That is why I am so excited about the latest issue of EcoParent magazine (subscribers have their copy already, for others it goes on sale May 12th at over 1000 newsstands nationwide!)

ecoparent magazine cover summer2014

Now I am not really a dress up sort of person, but boy my imagination can run wild! Having children has taught me more and more about how important everyday dress up is for children (of all ages, trust me they should not grow out of this stage people!)  The current EcoParent magazine talks all about the importance of play, about imagination and even has a super easy tutorial on making a tent for your child and of course everyday dress up…

EcoParent Magazine

Now if you are not familiar with EcoParent magazine (and you most definitely should be!) you can check out their Website, Facebook and Twitter and of course please do not forget to grab a copy of the summer issue!

If you are looking for some everyday dress up pieces you can check out my Etsy shop and my new HyenaCart shop.  If you are in the GTA area you can pop into Kid Culture and check out the items in person.  What makes these dress up items eco-friendly well take for example creating capes from “used” t-shirts, this saves textile waste from the landfill. Textile waste represents 5% of the volume of landfills in Ontario. It is thought that 100% cotton will biodegrade over time, other fabrics can take 100 years to break down. It is more fun to up-cycle a t-shirt into its true personally of a cape, thus my business really is saving the earth one cape at a time.

How are you encouraging your child’s imagination these days?





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Giveaway with ourfeministplayschool

You know that moment when you find a blog that you enjoy reading so much you actually wish you could meet the writer and sit down to tea?  I have a few blogs that make me wish this, and now I have the nerve to approach them.

Daddy's T-shirt Superhero Cape

You see I did actually get to meet one of my favourite blog authors recently and it was awesome, so awesome we decided to do a giveaway together.   So make sure to go over and give ourfeminstplayschool a read and of course don’t forget to enter the  giveaway.  I better get the shop loaded up with lots of fun items for you to pick should you win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Snot just for kids anymore…

With the popularity of the child size Got Snot? Cloths and Got Organic Snot? Cloths on the rise, I decided to make a little larger size for those of us who have larger noses.  They are available in two different ways…first off we have the Hankie Home Conversion Kit.

family snot?

This is a set of two 8″ hankies and four 6″ hankies.   Which is the perfect starter set for people who are curious about hankies, but not ready to make a huge commitment.  Currently only available in organic cotton fabrics.   And then in a set of four…

8" hankies....

Also currently only available in organic cotton, which is a fabric that I love working with.  Why?  well that’s a great topic for a future blog post!   But I know what you are thinking why only an 8″ square and not the traditional 12″ or 14″?

compared to my actual grandpa's hankie

Well not to give you too much info about me but I over-use hankies…meaning I make sure every inch is covered before switching to a new one.  So with the smaller size it means it is really only a two maybe three sneeze cloth as opposed to a whole day one…which makes them less snotty in the pocket (the smaller size fits in the skinny jeans better also!).

I have so many ideas for both sizes of the Got Organic Snot? Cloths I’m thinking loot bags and wedding favours…the possibilities are endless once you are ready to switch to a cloth hankie…all of these are available in my Etsy shop and my 100 Miles Finds shop…and shortly coming to a bricks and mortar shop near you!

So here’s hoping it is not all snot at your place these days…





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M2 Got Mail…Etsy Love

First off I think it is no secret I am addicted to Etsy…I just love seeing what people from all over the world are creating…I mean it is like a craft show in your living room everyday!  I am also secretly very happy that what I create is a somewhat unique option…  BUT I also love buying gifts from there for the kids and well anyone who happens to fall under my gift giving spell.

In July I tried to sew a little less and market at little more, I came across an awesome site called Follow Me I’m Canadian.   Which then lead me to seeing some new blogs, seriously good procrastination …one particularly caught my eye.  NikitaChickita Boutique is written by a young girl, who just happens to have a very crafty Mama herself!   This is what Nikita has to say about herself:

My name is Nikita and I love to draw!  I opened an etsy shop because I love to make things and draw, and I was hoping to help raise some money for the Edmonton Humane Society.  I currently donate 30% of any sales I make on Etsy to them.  So far … I have donated $17.43!  The reason I am choosing to support them is because at the end of January 2011, my SPCA kitty died. I have known and loved him my whole life and he was the awesomest, most gentle and kind kitty ever. By supporting the Humane Society, many more animals are able to have a second chance at life, too.  I hope you like my art & thanks so much for stopping by!

Right now you are looking for a link to her shop right?  You are probably not even reading this anymore as you yourself are curious what her shop offers?  You are thinking  “if my child ever got an idea like this I’d be so proud”  that’s got to be one talented family and one proud Mama?  See how could I not resist buying something from her!

I have always wanted to capture an unwrapping sequence at one of the kids birthday parties…and well we all know how that idea goes, so when M2’s purchase came in the mail I grabbed the camera and thought I give it a try.  I love the packaging right from the start:

the first rip...


the cute packaging...


Oh there you are, cute shop eh?  Look how beautiful the purchase is parceled up, at this point I should mention that M2’s favourite Sesame Street character is Bert (which explains surprising a lot about M2) but if you’ve seen the Sesame Street version of Gift of the Magi you’ll understand why this process is taking so long…that and Mama keeps stopping to take a picture…M1 opened the envelop for her in the beginning shot, it was well sealed!

discarded pretty packaging

You can hardly wait to see what I bought?   Right you are already in the shop purchasing something for yourself…forget what I bought you’ll be getting your own NikitaChickita parcel in the mail soon enough…

it's so fancy...

Alas after we finally get everything opened, M2 exclaims “it’s so fancy! Mama get the crayons and beads we need to make a necklace to send to this girl in the mail!”   She wore the necklace till bed then got up and put it on again in the morning.  …here’s a better shot and another link to her shop:

seriously how cute is this?

If you have not already been over to see NikitaChickita’s shop get over there now and buy something…let’s help this girl get $1000 donation to the Edmonton Humane Society.  What a great idea she has, what a great talent, such a supportive Mama, and she’s probably doing most of  this on her own, how cool is that?

Next month I’m expecting a parcel from a 100milefinds shop..a new addiction!

Go enjoy your creative side a little today…







A new model and free shipping

My birthday is at the end of May…which use to make me a Gemini and now apparently makes me a Taurus, but if you meet me (and you can probably see through my writing) I’m still a Gemini!   Anyhow I was hoping to offer a birthday special in my Etsy shop of free shipping on first item with a minimal shipping charge on multiple purchases, but the postal strike put a little stop to that.

Well the strike is over and I’m going to celebrate with two weeks of free shipping on the first item and a small charge to add another item.  I mean I am a new shop so I have to charge something to ship your child an awesome gift!  Make sure to buy something before the 17th of July…

In other news, this past weekend I decided to try out a new model…not nearly as cute as M1 and M2, but I wanted a fun way to photograph product without having the kids try on everything…so meet M3:

not nearly as cooperative...

I use this doll at Craft shows and you would be amazed at how many people do the double take!  I’m not sure I’ll keep using him…my partner thinks it’s a little creepy? What do you think?

Speaking of Craft shows I was at a fun one this past holiday weekend in Omemee.  I also learned that I have been accepted into a show come November called the Hand of Man which is still looking for vendors so if you’re crafty and interested in a three day show in Peterborough, visit their website and get some information…if you are not crafty, but like buying handmade  mark November 11th, 12th, and 13th on your calendar and come and visit me in person!

I also got some fun shots of my new wings that I just listed over there in the Etsy shop…this one is my favourite.

Waiting for the flowers to bloom...

Not at all sure why this one always catches my eye, but I like it and will get these wings listed tomorrow.  Alright must sleep now, summer vacation has started and I know tomorrow we’ll be setting out our summer schedule!

Sleep tight…


p.s. did you see you can like me on the Facebook now!




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